Amazonas Collection

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Our Amazonas Collection features a wide selection of unique Brazilian jewelry that’s made from the natural materials of the heart of the Amazon. These jewelry pieces and accessories are created with Brazilian culture and legends in mind while promoting sustainability. From the Amazon, we use materials such as cipó and piaçava—Brazilian palm—açai seed accents, recycled wood, chestnut shells, buriti, and so much more.

The unique Brazilian accessories within the Amazonas Collection are made with such love and passion from our talented artisans and truly symbolize the beauty that lies in tradition. Not only are these accessories distinctive and ethnic, but their simplicity in color and their boldness in size make them the perfect touch to any ensemble. Our selection of unique Brazilian jewelry is sure to bring any look—casual, boho, elegant—to life. Shop our Amazonas Collection and add a pop of Brazilian culture and tradition to your wardrobe.