Eco-Friendly Handbags

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It’s no secret that a woman’s purse holds all the items she needs on a day to day basis. A handbag also provides its owner with functionality and acts as a statement of self-expression. Not to mention, it’s the perfect accessory piece to any outfit! At Mirakitã, we understand the importance of a handbag and all its functions, which is why we offer some of the most beautiful and purposeful eco-friendly handbags.

Using intricate, woven techniques that derive from Brazilian tradition, the handbags of Mirakitã carry more than just your favorite essentials; our handbags allow you to carry some of Brazil’s most cherished traditions and legends along with you. Each of our handmade, ethical handbags are made from unique, natural materials that are found within the terrain of Brazil. To create these eclectic, eco-friendly handbags we use natural materials such as Piaçava fibers, acai seeds, Buriti fibers, golden grass, and so much more. We strive to create handbags and jewelry that’s naturally crafted.

Our collection of handmade, ethical handbags truly exudes the purpose of Mirakitã, to create handmade, natural accessories that boast beauty and uniqueness while holding true to the legends and traditions of Brazilian culture. Due to its handmade, natural materials, no two handbags are the same; each boasts their own individual color and shape. Shop our selection of handbags and find your perfect accessory.