Eco-Friendly Necklaces

At Mirakitã, we focus on creating jewelry that’s eco-friendly and boasts the unique traditions of Brazil. Made with love and dedication by our talented artisans, our handmade, ethical necklaces are bright, bold, and beautiful.    

Made from only natural elements of the earth, each individual necklace is handcrafted and woven with materials like piaçava--Brazilian palms--cipó, recycled wood, natural stone, golden grass, marupa, and chestnut shells. Since each eco-friendly necklace is created using ancient woven techniques, no two necklaces will be exactly identical to one another; each will be slightly different in color and shape, but will still emanate cultivated beauty.

Our necklaces pair wonderfully with any outfit. To match the ethnic-flair that our necklaces exude, consider wearing our Arumã Necklace or Eco-Chic Golden Grass Necklace with a bold, tropical-print dress. Or for a casual yet sophisticated look, wear our Chestnut Necklace with a simple, white blouse. Our eco-friendly statement jewelry compliments just about any look.   

To our customers, we want to impart the idea that beauty lies in tradition, which is why each of our handmade, ethical necklaces reflect a legend or tradition of Brazil. With our selection of handmade, eco-friendly necklaces, you can proudly wear the traditions of Brazil around your neck. Shop our line of necklaces and find your perfect match, today.