Golden Grass

Golden Grass, “Capim Dourado” in Brazilian, is a rare, plant that’s harvested as a source of income for nearby villagers. Even after it’s harvested, Golden Grass remains, strong, durable, and flexible while boasting a glorious shiny exterior. At Mirakitã, we sell Brazilian handmade jewelry that’s made from the beautiful strands of golden grass. From stunning statement necklaces to dangle earrings and bright bracelets, our Golden Grass Collection has a vast variety of fashionable accessories.

Appreciating Brazilian legends, cultures, and traditions plays an important part in the creation of our Brazilian handmade accessories. Our skilled, native artisans of Brazil handcraft these unique accessories using woven techniques that were taught to them by their ancestors and passed down through years of tradition. This single element, alone, is what makes our line of Brazilian handmade jewelry so incredibly special.

Our line of golden grass jewelry is very lightweight and will never weigh you down and provide you with discomfort. These accessories are very dainty and elegant and pair well with any wardrobe. Shop our Golden Grass Collection and immerse yourself in the traditions of Brazil.