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Q: What Mirakitã means?

A: The Muiraquitã or Mirakitã, was an amulet. The legend says that the amulet was offered as a gift by the Icamiaba female warriors to all those Indians who annually visited their camp at the river Nhamundá. Once a year, during a ceremony dedicated to the moon, the Icamiaba received the Guacaris warriors with whom they mated. At midnight, they dived into the river and brought up a greenish clay in their hands, which they molded into frog-shaped object, and presented it to their loved ones.

Q: What is Golden Grass?

A: Brazil is known for it’s natural beauty and one of these beauties is Golden Grass, a grass-like species which exists only in the region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins in Brazil. It’s main characteristic is the bright and gold color, hence the name Capim Dourado, which literally means Golden Grass. Strong, durable and flexible enough to be woven into astonishing accessories and also very lightweight.

The making of handicrafts from Golden Grass began in Jalapão, in the Afro-Brazilian community of Mumbuca in the municipality of Mateiros. Indigenous people taught the art to local inhabitants when passing through the region around the 1930s.

It is also an important source of income for the villagers and local community. Golden Grass flowering starts in July and seeds are produced from the beginning of September through October. The Tocantins State Government, through its Environmental Agency, established a regional law allowing harvesting only after September, and requiring flowerhead cutting and dispersal in the grassland areas just after harvesting. This regional law is an efficient tool for contributing to the sustainability of Golden Grass handicraft activities.

Q: Why Golden Grass shine as gold?

A: Here is the scientific explanation for it. Click here to read the study made by professors Arandi Ginane Bezerra Júnior (UTFPR) and Wido Schreiner (UFPR)

Q: What is the best way to maintain my golden grass accessories?

A: Follow the tips below so that your products have greater durability and maintains its appearance for longer period of time.

Avoid using your jewelry on the beach because the contact with salt water and the sand can wash off the brightness. The salt water has a high oxidizing power, which can darken the golden plated parts of the jewelry.

It is recommended that you remove the pieces when you take a shower or swim in a pool. Avoid the contact of the jewelry with cleaning products, personal hygiene and general chemicals that can harm the piece.

Do not let your jewelry in contact with cosmetics.

Also avoid using them in gardening services, for handling the land and chemical fertilizers can affect the gold plated brightness of the product.

These simple steps will increase for sure the durability of your jewelry.