Giving Back to São Felix, Tocantins, Brazil:

On March 6th, 2017, we delivered 22 school kits to the children of Otacilio Ribeiro da Silva Elementary and Middle School, in the region of São Felix, Tocantins. The underprivileged children that attend these schools live in the nearby microregion of Jalapão. Upon receiving their backpacks and much-needed school supplies, these students couldn’t contain their excitement; their happiness shining through their bright smiles. The children, teachers, and parents were all extremely grateful for this act of kindness.

I was particularly moved by the news that all 22 children didn't have any school material to start the school year with. Again, I was reminded how important Mirakitã’s mission is and how it truly impacts the lives of these beautiful children. For that, we want to thank our amazing customers. Our mission wouldn’t be possible without your contribution.

When you think about it, it’s absolutely incredible how such a little gesture like giving a child school supplies can give these parents peace of mind and more importantly, hope for their children’s future. These students deserve to start the school year off right and the supportive customers of Mirakitã made that 100% possible. We also want to thank Geraldo Ribeiro who drove 5 hours into the area of Jalapão to help us make this delivery. We are forever grateful.


Giving Back to Barcelos, Amazonas, Brazil:

On October 19th, 2017, I had the immense pleasure of meeting all the beautiful, little souls of the Mariuã community in the Amazonas, Brazil and surprise them with school supplies. This small pre-school was long forgotten by the government and was in desperate need of everything you could possibly imagine--desks, chairs, school supplies, even food.

While I was there, I spoke with the volunteer teacher and I was very moved by her commitment to these children. She explained how some of them come to the pre-school without having anything to eat, with the hopes of being provided with a small bite at school. Since this school lacks the funding to provide for their students, some days, the teacher will bring snacks from her own home in order to not disappoint the children, as she wants them to return to class each day. After delivering the school supplies and learning about the hardships the teachers and students face, I went to the nearest supermarket to buy some snacks for the pre-school.

It’s absolutely shameful how the Brazilian government could ‘forget’ about the children in these needy communities. Why should these children pay for all the things that are wrong in their country? We want to keep our project growing and we need your help to make it possible. One step at the time, one life at the time, we can make the world a better place to live in.