Ilha Bela Earrings

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Exuding the beautiful cultures of Brazil, our Leaves of Gold earrings are meant to be worn with confidence and pride. These handmade earrings are intricately woven from Golden Grass* to form a flawless leaf shape. Since these delicate leaf-shaped earrings display natural touches of gold, we thought the best way to complete the look was by embellishing these earrings with 18K gold clasps!

No matter the season, our Leaves of Gold earrings add a touch of natural style to any outfit.

  • Large: Approximate length from clasp to bottom is 3'5 inches (8.5cm)
  • Small: Approximate length from clasp to bottom Small is 3'5 inches (8.5cm)
  • Handmade and Eco-friendly
  • 18K gold clasps
  • Golden Grass
  • Lightweight


*Golden Grass, “Capim Dourado”, derives from the Jalapão region of Tocantins, a state in Northern Brazil. This multi-purposeful plant is a very important source of income for the villagers within the area. Even after it’s harvested, Golden Grass is durable, flexible, and continues to shine, which is how it got its name. Primarily used for jewelry, Golden Grass can be woven into lightweight accessories that are ethnic and beautiful.

**Please note: Depending on the harvested material and the unique way they are handmade, some of our beautiful accessories might be slightly different in color and shape from the picture shown above. Since our earrings are carefully woven by our many talented artisans, no two pairs of earrings will be the same!


Approximately size: 2' (5 cm) long. *Golden Grass "Capim Dourado" comes from the Jalapão region of the Tocantins state in northern Brazil, where it is an important source of income for villagers. It is a rare plant that continues to shine after it is harvested. It is strong, durable and flexible enough to be woven into accessories and wearable ornaments and it is also very light in weight.