Beautiful, Handcrafted Jewelry of Culture and Tradition

Mirakitã curates a collection of handmade jewelry and accessories that exude the cultures and traditions of the beautiful cities of Brazil. All of our items are created by talented, Brazilian artisans living within the smaller, remote communities. Our jewelry is extraordinary and a symbol of the happiness, empowerment, and courage we want our patrons to feel when wearing them. We want your beauty to shine.

At Mirakitã, we are more than just a jewelry business, we are a business that cares deeply about our artisans, their well-being and the well-being of their children. With every product that we sell to our cherished customers, a portion of our proceeds go towards the purchase of school supplies to children of the underprivileged communities of Brazil. We strive to contribute to the futures of OUR future generations.

Our exquisite jewelry is eco-friendly and naturally beautiful. Browse through our products and find your perfect match.