The Faces Behind the Art

Nature turned into art by the hands of talented artisans is how Mirakitã creates beautiful and unique accessories for women. Our artistic artisans use woven techniques that were passed down to them by their ancestors; this is a job that's done with love, respect, and reverence towards their heritage. The meaningful dedication that's behind their work is what makes our merchandise so special. At Mirakitã, we are looking forward to encouraging growth, happiness, and most importantly, giving our artisans the feeling of empowerment that they deserve.

Let’s meet the team that makes the Mirakitã possible!

Meet Dona Iracy — Artisan

Dona Iracy is a 60-year-old, Tocantins native whose talents go beyond her household duties. As a mother of 3 and grandmother of 4, Dona Iracy is an amazing artisan, who learned to wove golden grass on her own. She's a remarkable woman who is very creative and innovative. In addition to her work with Mirakitã, Dona Iracy has worked for SEBRAE-the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises--teaching other women the technique used to wove golden grass with a focus on quality and creation of innovative designs. I call her my Golden Grass Queen.

Meet Rosa — Artisan

An Amazonas native, Rosa is a mother of a little 6-year-old girl and a member of the NACIB, an association created to empower women in following their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. Additionally, Rosa and the member of NACIB learn to refine their skills, work with other designers, and learn how to have control over their prices. For women like Rosa, it’s very important for them to become emotionally and financially independent in order to care for their children and protect themselves from domestic abuse. Rosa’s incredible talent is the reason why Mirakitã has a variety of beautiful jewelry.

Meet Isa Rocha — Crocheter

Born in Piauí and currently living in Fortaleza-Ce, Isa is a mother to 3 beautiful girls and has a great passion for crocheting. She learned to crochet by herself, and found great pleasure doing it. Isa started her work with crocheted bags when she was struggling with depression, and as it turned out, her work helped her overcome her depression and soon became a source of income. Crocheting takes more than skill, it involves an eye for creativity and devotion to perfecting the craft. Each piece that Isa knits is made with and abundance of love and dedication. I am very glad to have met this amazing crocheter to partner with.

Meet Giselli — Founder

As a Brazilian native, Giselli has lived in the US for 17 years. Her love for travel has given her many opportunities to experience and connect with many cultures. However, in all her travels, she never forgets her roots. In 2016, after one of her many trips back home Mirakitã came to life, and it all started with the simple idea of having a brand that’s committed to using environmentally friendly materials and only buying from artisans who work in fair labor conditions and have control of their prices. Proud to work with artisan from her home country, Giselli wishes to continue to grow the brand of Mirakitã and help spread the word about ethical fashion.