Who we are

The faces behind the making

Nature turned into art by the hands of talented artisans. Woven techniques passed to them by their ancestors. A job done with love and respect to their heritage. We are looking forward to growth, happiness and ever increasing levels of artisan empowerment!


Meet Dona Iracy — Artisan

Dona Iracy, a 60 year old, Tocantins native. Mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. Her talents go beyond her household dotes, she is an amazing artisan, who learned to wove golden grass on her own. She is very creative and innovative. Has worked for SEBRAE teaching other women the technique used to wove golden grass with detail to quality and innovative designs. I call her my golden grass queen.

Meet Rosa — Artisan

An Amazonas native, mother of a little 6 year old girl. Rosa as other women from her ethnicity have learned from their ancestors to wove different types of fibers into beautiful home décor, house utensils and fashion accessories. Rosa is also a members of NACIB, an association created to empower women to become entrepreneurs. They learn to refine their skills, work with other designers and to have control over their prices. It is very important for them to become economically independent to care for their children and also fight domestic abuse.

Meet Giselli — Founder

Brazilian native living in the US for 17 years. Her love for travel has given her many opportunities to experience and connect to many cultures however she never forgot her roots. In 2016 after one of her many trips back home, she created Mirakitã, with the simple idea of having a brand committed to using environmentally friendly materials, and only buying from artisans who have control of their prices, and fair-labor conditions. Proud to work with artisan from her home country, she wishes to continue to grow the brand and help to spread the word about ethical fashion.