At Mirakitã, we curate a unique collection of handmade and eco-friendly accessories from Brazilian artisans of different ethnicities. Mirakitã is creating synergy with those who share a passion for ethically-made accessories that exude the extraordinary traditions of the culturally-rich cities of Brazil. Every necklace, bracelet, handbag, and pair of earrings, we sell tell their own special tale of the artisan who crafted it and the piece of Brazilian tradition it represents.

Alongside our passion to create naturally-crafted accessories, it's our mission at Mirakitã to always make sure our beautiful, talented team of artisans have suitable working conditions and full control over the prices of their treasured work. By partnering with artisans from the communities of Brazil, we help them generate extra income that they can use to support their families with. In some cases, their artisanal work is their only source of revenue, which is why our contributions, our mission, is so significant.

By selling their beautifully-crafted accessories to us at a fair price, artisans can provide their children and their loved ones with better living conditions. More importantly, with our partnership, more and more women are able to send their children to school, focus on their work, and be more independent. It's our greatest joy knowing that our mission helps women feel more empowered through their craft and through their ability to provide for their families.