Derived from Amazonian Indian culture, a Muiraquitã or Mirakitã, is a name that's given to unique, ancient artifacts. These artifacts are typically made from a variety of materials and fashioned into different shapes, however, they are most commonly known to be small charms-amulets--that are carved from Jade and shaped into a frog. In Brazilian legends, these amulets were offered as a gift by the Icamiaba female warriors to all the male, Guacaris who, once a year, visited their camp at the river Nhamundá. Once a year, during a ceremony dedicated to the moon, the Icamiaba women would walk in the river with pots of perfumes carefully balanced on their shoulders. Once deep enough in the river, the women would pour the pots of perfume in the water to make a purifying bath. At midnight, they would dive deep to the bottom of the river and bring up a greenish clay in their hands, which they molded into a frog-shaped object, and present it to their loved ones-the Guacaris warriors with whom they mated with. The Guacaris would wear these amulets around their necks with bands that were woven from their hair of their beloved brides. It is believed that the Mirakitã brings happiness to those who proudly wear or own these artifacts or amulets. In some cultures, it's even viewed as a token of luck.

The Legend of the Mirakitã is one of many beautiful and mysterious legends of the Amazon. It's also one that I felt an immediate connection to as soon as I heard it for the first time. An amulet is thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease, and even though it's just a small object, it holds a deep meaning to those who carry it and for those who give it as a gift. My deepest wish is that every piece of jewelry I sell will represent something as meaningful as health, security, and goodwill to the lives of those who create these meaningful accessories, as for the lives who will proudly wear them.

At Mirakitã, our unique selection of accessories is ethically made with a special touch of the cultures and legends of Brazil. Using natural fibers, seeds, recycled wood, and ancestral techniques, we bring the beauty of Brazil's legends to life.

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